Friday, November 5, 2010

Rock 'n Roll Therapy

(post copyright 2010, Dawn Weber)

I am not above buying a little love.

Don't be pervy. I'm referring to my recent epiphany: Peace, love and harmony can be purchased. For $7.99.

Bet you didn't know that. But at the Lighten Up Center for Useless Information, we're here for you! And we have determined that "AC\DC Rock Band Track Pack" video game will unite parents, children - and possibly the Middle East.

I figured this out recently when, on a whim, I decided to pick up a used copy off the rack. Under eight bucks? Songs I actually knew? Paint me "Back in Black." I'm in.

The game is better living through Bon Scott, and includes wholesome, family-oriented numbers. Like "Hells Bells," "Shoot to Thrill" and "Shook Me All Night Long."

I figured the kids might like it. Our son, my 9 or so regular readers may recall, fancies himself quite the Rock Expert.

And our daughter, the Teen Expert, has some of my impeccable musical taste. Nickelback, Kid Rock, some Skynyrd.

Yeah, we're a classy bunch.

Still, I didn't expect much when I fired up the ol' PS2, and asked her to play. She picked the drums, I took lead guitar.

But I'll tell you - we started shredding. Jammin'. Or whatever you kids say nowadays.

And that's when it happened. Right during the drum solo of "T.N.T."

Clouds parted. Angels sang. Lions and lambs laid down together. Democrats and Republicans shook hands.

Because she smiled. At me. Her mother. Oh yes she did!

I have not seen a smile like that since the Disney World trip. I have not seen a smile like that since the Jonas Brothers concert. I have not seen a smile like that since Christmas Day - 2004.

That smile used to be a constant. As continual as the Barney VHS tapes playing...then rewinding...then playing again. And again.

That smile was the first thing I saw every night at daycare pickup. Back when she knocked over everyone in her path, shouting "mommy-mommy-mommy!" before launching into my arms.

That smile was the one on the little face, bent over me, as I laid in the grass. Waving her "fairy wands" of dandelion seeds. You know...making magic and wishes and sneezes.

Ah, the fairy game. Good times. And yes, she has two arms...

Now? Not so much.

She is a teenager. I am her mother. We - surprise! - don't agree ever sometimes. We disagree about household chores. We disagree about clothing choices.

We disagree about the color of the sky.


People say not to worry - it happens to most mothers and daughters. She'll be back. She'll like me again. The happy girl I knew will return. Someday.

But maybe they meant Sunday. Because - although it was fleeting - I saw her then, banging away on cheap toy drums.

So watch out, people. We be jammin'...on the "Highway to Hell" and whatnot.

Yep. Heavy Metal: official bonding music of the American family.


  1. Fantastic!! We download music for Rock Band. Queen, anyone? I love when my tomorrow-she's-9 year old sings Spirit in the Sky!! Or when my sulky almost-11 year old tears it up with Bad Reputation!!

  2. That's so great! Love your writing style--so funny. Nothing like heavy metal bonding (isn't that called welding?);-)

  3. It was able to break through to your Teen Expert?? I'll definitely have to give it a try!

    (my proudest Rock Band moment so far was when my daughter channeled her Inner Ramone and nailed the vocals to Blitzkrieg Bop... I can relate to your bargain bin source of happiness)

  4. Dude, whatever works, right?

    Rock on!

  5. Kerbs - I did not know you could download for this!? I see where my $$ will be going. Heidi - welding - ha! Wish I had though of that! Ken - Blitzkrieg Bop?! Awesome. I must have it. And Candice - Amen. Thanks for your support, lady :)

  6. HA! Our family loves the classics. My daughters are grown now, but we have always found common ground in music. Turn up a little Brown-Eyed Girl or Judy in Disguise or any number of oldies and they'd be up and dancing with me all over the house. Talk about interrupting a sullen teen angst pattern. Music, I'm tellin' ya. Now it's newer stuff, and we are all crooning and busting a move all around the house. Throw a few nanababies into the mix, and it's a regular American Bandstand dance-off.