Thursday, June 11, 2015

Leave Your iPhone Alone

Summer's here, you're finally free now,
To have some time of your own,
It's gorgeous and sunny and warm out,
Still you won't leave your iPhone alone.

Birds sing, flowers bloom, oak trees swaying,
The dog's in the yard chewing bones,
She'd like to go walking with you, love,
If you'd just leave your iPhone alone.

It sure looks magical out there,
Like there's unicorns in the ozone,
Or maybe some fairies and wood nymphs,
But you won't leave your iPhone alone.

Your room, dear, is utterly filthy,
Your chores are completely undone,
The laundry piled high in the corner,
'Cause you won't leave your iPhone alone.

Grandma would love to hear from you,
You could dial her with the house phone,
That way you could talk and scroll Twitter,
Since you can't leave your iPhone alone.

Finally, you rise from the sofa,
Hallelujah! You shower and go,
To the car for a night with your girlfriends,
Honey, please - leave your iPhone alone.

You pick up the crew and head downtown,
But end up sitting still as stones,
All of you hunched over wee little screens,
You guys can't leave your iPhones alone.

They're like crack, I know it, I feel ya,
I have a smartphone of my own,
But you are becoming an addict,
You just won't leave the iPhone alone.

And that is why I get so crabby,
I grumble. I complain. I groan,
You're letting an amazing life pass you by,
For God's sake - leave your iPhone alone!