Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Only Rock n' Roll But He Knows It...Better Than You!

(Post copyright 2010, Dawn Weber)

This just in!

Bon Jovi screws up their lyrics, the Beastie Boys are dead and AC/DC has a hit they know nothing about!

Thank you, Guitar Hero. You've created a Musical Monster Genius!

Yes, this popular video game has made my son, 7, a veritable rock n' roll expert. According to him.

The dude beats everyone on that game, even though he's so small that he has to hold the instrument across his lap, steel guitar-style. And this plastic-guitar virtuosity has got him thinking that he's an all-around modern-music master. I am so annoyed grateful!

He proved his brilliance the other day when we heard "Rock & Roll" by Led Zeppelin.

"Oh yeah! It's AC/DC!" he said, banging his little head.

"No, Levi, that's Led Zeppelin," I said.

"It is not! It's AC/DC!" he said.

"Sorry, bud. This song came out when I was two. I have the album. I had the cassette. I probably had the 8-track," I said to a boy who knows none of those terms. "I have it on my Ipod now - I'll show you. It's Led Zeppelin."

"Mom," he said, barely concealing his disdain for my stupidity. "I can tell - this is AC/DC."

"Ok, Levi, it's AC\DC," I said.

See there? You thought "Rock &Roll" was by Led Zeppelin, too. Obviously, you were wrong. Dummy.

Also, someone needs to call Jon Bon Jovi, stat. My boy informed me that the lyrics to "You Give Love a Bad Name" are all wrong. It's not:

"Shot through the heart/And you're to blame/Darlin' you give love/A bad name."

Oh, no. According to my kid, that particular line goes:

"Shock up your heart/And you're too late/You give love/A bad grade."

But wait, there's more! He's not only gifted in classic rock - he's also quite the rap music expert. Again, according to him. My daughter left her music blaring the other day, allowing he and I the following brilliant conversation:

"Hey Mom! It's your favorite rapper...M & M's!" he said.

"Well...Eminem is O.K.," I said, "but my favorite rapper is Kid Rock."

"Kid Rock isn't a rapper!" he said.

"Well, he used to rap, before he went country.Or rock. Or country..." I said.

"He isn't a rapper!" said the 7-year-old rap expert.

"O.K....then my favorite rapper is...the Beastie Boys," I said.

"The Beastie Boys?! They're dead!" he said.

"No, son, they're about my age. They're not dead. Yet," I said.

"Nah...they're dead," he said.

"OK, Levi. They're dead," I said.

And that? Is what happens when lame white people discuss rap music. No one wins. Least of all the poor Beastie Boys.

Somebody should call them, too - I'm sure they would like to contest their demise - but they'd quickly learn their lesson.

There's really no use arguing with the Guitar Hero.


  1. OMG! I'm stupid and didn't even know it. Zepplin was the band and I have the 33 and 8 track to prove it. But I bow to the Rock Star Hero. I will destroy all evidence that proves him wrong. Love the video.

    See there lady, you can find humor everywhere.

  2. My daughter runs the Alexandria, VA HA (Headbangers Anonymous) Group in case you're in need of support.

  3. The nut never falls very far from the tree, Grasshoppa! LMAO!! Too cute!

  4. Wanda, he says you are for given for your mistake. Molly, yes, I may need your daughter's number for my little headbanger, and yes, Stacey, the nut fell right from me ;-)

  5. were so right about this video. I particularly love the moves with the vertical blinds. HAHAHAHA! the blog itself cracked me up, too. I'll go argue lyrics with the kid. I'm the idiot savant of lyrics. And I didn't know the Beastie Boys were D.E.A.D. That's how rumors get started!

  6. I thought the Beastie Boys were dead too! ;-) What a cute kid! He belongs on You Tube! Hilarious.

  7. Isn't it great when our kids make us feel 100?!!

    Love it. The boy has talent! Watch out Voice! (Can he hook me up with Adam Levine?!!) Don't forget your bdb friend, Levi!!!!!! :)